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Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

Marco Kaufmanns is currently working on new exciting paintings in his Berlin Studio. He is going to open his studio to the public during Artweek Berlin on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2024.

Marco Kaufmanns  well-recieved solo exhibit „Anderswo“ at nüü gallery  courtesy of ART@Berlin can still be experienced virtually (please click below).


Artistic Development


„Marcos recent paintings are the result of a certain period of his artistic life. A break – apparently – filled with sadness. The world had come to a standstill too. Creations that at the same time reflect his great creativity and love of life leading into powerful and clear images despite all circumstances and strokes of fate.

The adhesive strips he uses to mark his clear edges and colored horizons have moved. Finally they have become independent and developed into a work of art themselfes.“ (Halina Rasinski)


Marco Kaufmann is a German artist living and working in Berlin.

He started his photographic work after his professional training as graphic designer. He studied fine arts (painting) at the Halle Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, and earned his degree at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art.

Marco Kaufmann has travelled extensively as part of his photographic projects, including trips across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the USA, South America, Morocco and almost all of Europe.

He was distinguished for his artistic engagement with a fellowship from the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and was supported during his studies by the scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.

In 2009 Marco carried out his photographic travel project “Anrandungen” with the support of the NaFöG fellowship from the Senate of Berlin and the German Academic Exchange Service.

His works can be found in private and public collections.


Hester Chan,
Curator, Collections M+,
Hong Kong

Marco Kaufmann is part of a generation of young European Artists adopting a critical approach to traditional media. Marco’s work transcends representation by drawing attention to the very act of painting itself as an empirical process. This allows new meaning to emerge through the layering of colour and texture and through merging forms from one surface onto another.

Kaufmann’s work is at the heart of conceptual painting. By disrupting formal compositional aesthetics, Marco invites the viewer to experience unexpected ways of seeing. Marco Kaufmann lays down compositions that disturb the viewer’s comfortable gaze. He challenges our way of seeing by offering a true glimpse into the artistic thought process: Bravely submitting himself to the vulnerable, troubled stages of becoming, to ultimately reveal an entrancing excitement of the sublime.

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