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Marco Kaufmann
Paintings, 2015

„In his latest paintings the Artist trades bright colours for elegant forms and striking veils of shades. In these works, Marco Kaufmann also explores to a greater extent the empirical effects of colour, apposition, shapes and layers within abstraction. The processes he uses still vary according to unpremeditated circumstances and cause and effect, nonetheless.“ …
(text excerpt of writer Will Furtado)

Publications 2015,
Out of the Blue,
Paintings, (early works)

„In Marco Kaufmanns work, organic shapes are brought together with the geometry of man-made structures to create an exciting contrast. Condensed into a visual language by means of a minimalist reduction, both are mysterious and surreal –  yet at the same time they are as carefree and joyful as the ephemeral memory of sunny holidays . The vivid colours and playful shapes develop lives of their own; full of esprit and lightness. …“
(text excerpt of journalist Melanie Pollinger)

Publications 2010,
Photo Project

„Anrandungen“ (literally translated as “ on the verge of …“) – a photographic project traveling along the European Union’s new Eastern border from Estonia to Romania.

A journey from the north to the south along the periphery of our great political and cultural project: the European Union, led Marco Kaufmann from Estonia through Latvia, Lithuania, eastern Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the eastern border regions of Romania. Such a trip, taking over 8 weeks by car, allowed the artist to accumulate a wealth of material from observations and encounters along the way. A selection of them can be seen in this photo book.